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    Investor Relations Director for Property Developers

    Investor Relations Director for Property Developers

    A hands on approach and one step up from mentoring where i come in to your business each week and help you implement the tools and systems you need to raise money.
    I very quickly realised that smaller developers are only doing 1 or 2 project a year as they fail to raise the funds or their funds are tied up in other projects.

    This allows me to help them scale and grow whilst raising funds and being their investor relations director representing the business, raising funds, training teams and closing deals.
    I come with my database of contact and access to my power team.

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    Property Investors Blueprint - Guide to Building A Portfolio with No Experience or Money

    Property Investors Blueprint - Guide to Building A Portfolio with No Experience or Money

    All my secrets of raising over £5m+ and helping property developers and investors grow in just 24 months. I share with you the industry secrets to fast tracking your portfolio:

    The Investors Mindset
    The BRR & Alternative Finance Model
    2 types of investors you can raise money from
    The Process to acquiring your first property
    6 ways to add value to your property
    How to deal with no experience objection with your power team
    Strategic partnerships to build investors list and open up extra revenue
    Social Media Psychology
    The messaging approach to attract investors from cold linkedin contacts.
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    Private Equity Academy - 12 Month Mentoring Program for Investor Relations

    Private Equity Academy - 12 Month Mentoring Program for Investor Relations

    1. Communicating your investments in a brochure.
    2. Getting your power team together to leverage their credibility and experie
    3. Marketing strategy to build a corporate image.
    4. System & 20 strategies for attracting and securing investors
    5. Identify strategic partners to get investors introduced to you
    6. How to reassure both loan agreement and JV investors with no experience or credibility.

    Tailored advice with weekly calls 54 weeks. You have unlimited messaging support with some hands on practical guidance.
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