• How To Build £1m+ Pipeline of Investors in 90 Days

    You've been wanting to do more property development projects per annum or acquire more businesses. It can be frustrating when you're losing deals due to the lack of funds. Cash in the bank is necessary and I've helped 150+ Property Developers in the past 12 months.


    The Private Equity Academy was launched to give you insights, secrets and 1-1 weekly mentoring to help you get it right the first time round by raising capital with £1m+ pipeline in just 90 days.

  • My Link to Property Developments

    I came for my quarterly review meeting with the developer client and he shook my hand and said thank you. He said because of you I've been able to raise investments and get a number of sites live in a matter of months. Why don't you join me as my commercial/investor relations director and I can help you earn a lot more?


    So I shook his hand and the following week I got to work. Over the next year I followed him around, he became a friend and business partner, learning everything about property developing and the challenges without actually getting my hands dirty.


    After raising over £2m and helping him grow his portfolio to £20m+ in London & Essex I realised very quickly that this skill of raising money doesn't come easy to most. I launched Shakur Investments and leveraged my network to help other developers raise money.

    My Journey

    Over the last 10 years of being in business selling to FTSE100 companies & working with property developer/service providers to grow, I've been able to stay on top, learn new skills and pick up secrets of HNWI (high net-worth investors). I've been featured in the BBC, spoke at 100+ events & Listed on the Top 100 Most Powerful Young Entrepreneurs In The World.


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    Falling Into RE & Launching London Property Community

    How I fell into property was quite accidental, I was a freelance commercial director which specialises in Real Estate and for the first time we took on a client who was a property developer.


    In order to raise the bar, we launched London Property Community which started in hotel lobbies and grew to partnering with Natwest and accumulating 10,000+ members. All either investors, landlords or developers.

    The Private Equity Academy

    The reason I set up the Private Equity Academy is to help property developers scale and actually go from their full-time job to doing 10-12 per annum whilst having the cash in the bank to do so.


    Everything I do takes minimal hours in the week so it's perfect for the busy developers or even professionals looking to leverage other people's money.

  • My 5-Step Process Raising Capital

    You could be a completely new or experienced property investor looking to do your first or more deals or an aspiring developer looking for investors to do larger projects & speed up the process. These 5-steps are executed each and every day in my Private Equity Firm. Our motto for securing investors is 'Always Be Raising' so you never run out of money or having to chase investors last minute to move on a project.


    Branding & Positioning

    1. Getting the knowledge and presenting to build credibility and trust in the market

    2. Building your personal or business brand as a trusted Advisor/s


    Blueprint for Attracting Investors

    1. Content and Messaging templates to attract investors and build your own black book.

    2. Creating your own community to build a database and add to your credibility


    Getting Your Deal Together

    Found a project you want to raise money for? I will help you get things together in a brochure so you can start bringing in enquiries.


    Get access to feedback from established investors and developers.


    Building A Partners Database

    Getting you setup with trusted service providers so you not only profit from referring to them but they can help you find investors


    Raising Capital with Money In Your Bank

    It's all good meeting investors but how do you filter the quality investors and actually get money in the bank. A no-fuss system in actually getting the funds in your account so you can acquire, build or develop.

  • Recommendations

    The word around town - You can find these testimonials on my Linkedin

    Qassim Ali

    CEO at Company Stays - Serviced Accommodation

    Your expertise has been invaluable to my success.

    You understand my vision and have helped me reach heights I never thought was possible in my businesses. I can't wait for what the future holds together as we take the SA industry by storm. You have helped me bring all my ideas to life, whilst building a solid and resourceful network. Thank you for your help & I look forward to more success with you in my corner.

    Adam Ross

    Property Developer - Vicarage Properties

    Adam is based in Reading and invests in the Swansea area. We were able to give him the tools to scale his property development business and do multiple projects per annum.

    Ansar Ali

    Property Developer - Everest Construction - £20m+ Portfolio

    Abdul who I brought in as my commercial director has been vital to my success over the years. He not only helped me establish my brand and build a community but attracted over £2m+ in Joint Venture finance from numerous HNWI and Family Office investors.


    His commitment to my projects and authenticity in building relations with investors is the biggest reason why I'll continue to work with him.


    I will always vouch for his work as he brings ideas and skills as a leader to the table that will change how private equity is raised in the industry. Definitely reach out to Abdul for his mentoring and consultancy services.

    Simone Gilks

    Director - Varsity Finance

    From the moment I met with Abdul, I could appreciate not only his eloquence but his sheer ora to capture the attention of those around him.


    His ongoing professionalism and ability to adapt within any industry clearly means that both Abdul and his firm can work towards growing an audience to suit most firms, but with a particular lean towards the Property Market.


    It was therefore only a matter of time before my husband and I asked that he joins us and engages with our firm Varsity Finance, with the view to creating an impact across all social platforms and expand our clientele.


    So if you are looking to increase your audience and grow your business whilst still retaining that personal touch, then talk to Abdul and his team.

    Bart Dalton

    Wealth Manager - Temple Row Wealth Management

    Abdul "Magic" he is making things happen for our team. He has come up with something so simple even I can follow it. YET it is so good it is bringing in the audience we need. Make sure you give him your time and business. And he will make sure the Magic happens for you too.

    Shahid Munir

    Chief Commercial Officer - The Minted App

    Gold Investments

    Abdul is a thoughtful and uniquely talented person with diverse expertise in marketing and more specifically, building online communities and capturing a target audience using social media. I would describe Abdul as an 'influencer' in the business sector who has assisted us very well with growing our online presence.

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  • Host & Founder of London Property Community

    From the hotel lobbies of Kings Cross to one of London's fastest-growing property networks. In the space of two years we've built a 10,000+ community of developers, investors and service providers. We've partnered with banks like Natwest and leading financial institutions in Canary Wharf to provide the most value and raise investments.

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    By Johnny Engele

    Social Media Marketing & Importance of Community Management as Property Developers. Have a listen!

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