• Who is Abdul Shakur?

    Apart from wanting to change my life, I got into the business because growing up I was surrounded by debt and being prematurely born I knew I could never do any physical labour. Ever since my purpose has been to continue breaking down the glass ceiling for business owners to grow using the power of social media.


    During my 10+ years as a young entrepreneur, I have landed contracts & partnerships with corporate brands like Natwest, Zoho & British Telecom. The use of social media has allowed me to create communities with numbers of 20,000+ people which help me both in business and raising millions in private equity investments.


    Featured in BBC, 100+ industry events and leading podcasts I am a confident and experienced keynote speaker making an impact by bringing experience and commercial knowledge/strategy to the table. My work seeks to help service providers and consultants increase sales using social media.

  • What I take my clients through



    Defining Your Brand Story & Messaging

    This is basics to ensure you have the right message that will connect and attract your audience on an emotional level so they buy into your brand.


    Laying The Foundations with Optimising Your Profile & Creating A Content Calendar

    These are the basics of social media like a shop window you need to have a setup that people understand how they can gain value from you.


    Increasing Engagement & Breaking Through The Annoying Algorithms

    Everyone hates how social media limits the amount of people that see your post. I take you through strategies that allow you to push through the algorithms so people see your content.


    Repurposing Content to Make The Most Of Every Social Media Platform

    Every social media has its own use. I will help you build a following on Instagram, attract press opportunities on twitter and attract the right clients using Facebook and LinkedIn


    Attracting New Members To Your Group & Growing Your Emailing List

    I will give you my secret sauce to growing a group to 1000 members in 90 days, collecting email and attracting the people that will buy from you or invest in you.


    How to generate leads, appointments and increase your sales conversion / raise investments

    It's easy to spend time on social media. To ensure you make money and increase sales I will give you an easy system to follow so you can fill up your calendar and start closing some deals without being too salesy.

  • Recommendations

    The word around town - You can find these testimonials on my Linkedin

    Simone Gilks

    Director - Varsity Finance

    From the moment I met with Abdul, I could appreciate not only his eloquence but his sheer ora to capture the attention of those around him.


    His ongoing professionalism and ability to adapt within any industry clearly means that both Abdul and his firm can work towards growing an audience to suit most firms, but with a particular lean towards the Property Market.


    It was therefore only a matter of time before my husband and I asked that he joins us and engages with our firm Varsity Finance, with the view to creating an impact across all social platforms and expand our clientele.


    So if you are looking to increase your audience and grow your business whilst still retaining that personal touch, then talk to Abdul and his team.

    Bart Dalton

    Wealth Manager - Temple Row Wealth Management

    Abdul "Magic" he is making things happen for our team. He has come up with something so simple even I can follow it. YET it is so good it is bringing in the audience we need. Make sure you give him your time and business. And he will make sure the Magic happens for you too.

    Shahid Munir

    Chief Commercial Officer - The Minted App

    Abdul is a thoughtful and uniquely talented person with diverse expertise in marketing and more specifically, building online communities and capturing a target audience using social media. I would describe Abdul as an 'influencer' in the business sector who has assisted us very well with growing our online presence.

    Qassim Ali

    Property Entrepreneur - Serviced Accommodation

    Your expertise has been invaluable to my success.

    You understand my vision and have helped me reach heights I never thought was possible in my businesses. I can't wait for what the future holds together as we take the SA industry by storm. You have helped me bring all my ideas to life, whilst building a solid and resourceful network. Thank you for your help & I look forward to more success with you in my corner.

  • Host & Founder of London Property Community

    From the hotel lobbies of Kings Cross to one of London's fastest-growing property networks. In the space of two years we've built a 10,000+ community of developers, investors and service providers. We've partnered with banks like Natwest and leading financial institutions to provide the most value and raise investments.

    Live Events & Community Building for Property Investors

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    12 week Social Media for Sales Mentoring Program
    12 week Social Media for Sales Mentoring Program
    250.00 - 997.00
    + Initial 2- hour strategy session
    + Weekly 1 hour call for 12 weeks.
    + Unlimited messaging access for 6 months
    + Exclusive access to events and memberships.
    + Communicate your vision and personal brand on our podcast
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  • Press, Podcasts & Speaking Gigs

    See a selection of my public speaking here:

    Central Birmingham Networking Event

    Speaker: Community Management

    Greenwich University - Entrepreneurs Society


    Dating vs Social Media https://youtu.be/KS85OeHKjxI

    Federation of Small Businesses


    Numerous speaking gigs in East of England on social media marketing & community management

    Social Day - Social Media Conference


    The power of communities on social media

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