• Who is Abdul Shakur?

    Apart from wanting to change my life, I got into the business because growing up young leaders or entrepreneurs weren't accepted by the BAME community. Ever since my purpose has been to continue breaking down to the glass ceiling as I believe we can play our part if we earned our seat at the table.


    During my 10+ years as a young entrepreneur, I have landed contracts & partnerships with corporate brands like Natwest, Zoho & British Telecom. The use of my expertise has allowed me to create scalable communities with numbers of 20,000+


    Featured in BBC, 100+ industry events and leading podcasts I am a confident and experienced keynote speaker making an impact by bringing experience and commercial knowledge/strategy to the table. My work seeks to help leaders and the organisations that they run.


    In addition to being involved in a business, I have raised £2m+ in Joint Venture Property Investments as well as having access to a 10,000+ community which was built over 4 years.

  • My Core Areas



    Keynote Speaker & Press Voice

    Representing young leaders & entrepreneurs whilst being an expert in social media & community management there are numerous topics in which I can engage with press or deliver a keynote talk on. Reach out to press@eticaleaders.com


    Social Media & Community Management

    An expert in this field I run a social media agency where we act as community managers and builders for companies to increase marketing, sales and engagement results. If you require any services visit http://eticaleaders.com


    Mentoring & Non-Executive Roles

    Access to a large network and with 10 years of experience in business and leadership positions I bring my skills to help entrepreneurs and organisations with dedicated 1-1 support. You can book in a call via http://calendly.com/abdulshakur/30mins


    Property Investments

    Providing high ROI & guaranteed returns for


    executives and

    experienced investors. Part of Everest Group we have numerous developments in London & Essex. Any questions get in touch via abdul@eticaleaders.com

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